Evmann Holding Searches For New Investment Opportunities in Eastern Europe 

Evmann Holding Searches For New Investment Opportunities in Eastern Europe 

Evmann Investments Holding BV, the umbrella organization of VSY Biotechnology GmbH and Alsanza Medizintechnik und Pharma GmbH, is currently exploring new investment and business opportunities in Eastern Europe.  

Evmann also intends to build new external partnerships while defining and implementing its roadmap to becoming a Unicorn company with €1 billion in assets. Evmann will prioritize investments in healthcare companies focused on innovation in biotechnology, clinical development, and commercialization of biotechnology products, which practice solutions for healthcare providers, specifically in the ophthalmic, medical aesthetic, and orthopedic fields.  

In addition, Evmann aims to expand its business operations into new therapeutic fields through potential partnerships and collaborations in the region. Evmann’s extensive expertise in healthcare and global influence will invariably add value to companies looking for partners to help grow their businesses. 

Chief Executive Officer of Evmann Investments Holding BV, Dr. Fatih Ergin, stated: “Over the years, we have made significant and strategic investments to advance the development and delivery of healthcare as a part of our vision. Now, we are eager to build on our unprecedented achievements and advancements across the healthcare industry and ultimately accelerate further innovation by partnering with companies that share our common vision, which is to revolutionize healthcare and add value to human life,”  

About Evmann Investments Holding BV 

Evmann Investments Holding BV is a holding company with significant investments in ophthalmology and orthopedics. Its purpose is to make investments that simultaneously create value and improve health, in line with its motto, ‘Invest for Life.’ 

Evmann’s headquarters is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Its global businesses are managed through its two leading German group companies, VSY Biotechnology GmbH and Alsanza Medizintechnik und Pharma GmbH which deliver products to more than 80 countries through an impressive sales network. Developing innovative products through R&D activities is one of Evmann’s strategic priorities, and its main focus is to create sustainable growth in all areas in which it operates. 

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